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Diva88bet.com Diamond Cold Storage Shopping Online Group Indonesia Various precious stones embedded in the jewelry can be divided into the types of the best precious stones are much in demand in the following list. Most of us probably only know a little about the kinds of precious stones, whereas in Indonesia alone at enthusiasts types of rocks are also not small.
Best Precious Stones In Indonesia
Precious stones of the highest quality can penetrate the high price and fantastic, so do not be surprised if many of the devotees who pursue it.
Type Precious Stones
Precious stones enthusiasts in Indonesia is one of the potential market. As a country that many mines produce the best results, in the class as follows:
Diamonds. Diamonds are not only suitable imposed on jewelry, but jewelry embedded diamond stone has a very high sale value that also symbolize luxury that makes diamond demand.
Sapphire is a type of stone ring of the most desirable and is no stranger in Indonesia. Sapphire believed to exude an aura to develop new thinking depicting eternity. Some types bati blue sapphire on a jewelery like saphirre, yellow sapphire, black Shappire and burma Shappire.
Agate. These types of precious stones used in jewelry rings for men are agate. Agate type spread throughout Indonesia originating from micro crystalline quartz with subtlety and color brightness level. Privileged agate lies in the meaning contained in the efficacy of agate.
Emerald. Greenish color that symbolizes stone emerald is quite well-known and attractive to foreign countries. The emerald green is indeed in the formation depicting the prosperity and elegance to wear.
Aquamarine stone. News stones like aquamarine famous blue stone beautiful sea. Type of precious stones is a little different because it is not resistant to heat, and when heated too high marine blue color disappears. This stone provides an overview of affection, but if you want to buy this precious stone, topaz stone forms can also look similar to this aquamarine stone.
Topaz stone. Glance almost similar to aquamarine stone but has akuamarine quality at rock bottom, so much exploited by unscrupulous irresponsible selling topaz as rock akuamarine. The difference lies on the origin of topaz from arthorhombic while akuamarine derived from hexagonal crystal. To distinguish topaz with aquamarine topaz refraction can be seen from a more robust and different levels of hardness.
Ruby. Widely used by the men who portray the courage and strength of the wearer. Ruby that is widely used, usually red with a generally round or oval shape.
Tourmaline stone. In contrast to the type of rock that has many shades, stone tourmaline has only one type of color, this stone generally has the form of a beautiful color gradation and luxury with a combination of red and green.
Stone Kalimaya / opal. Type of stone belonging to the most much demand in Indonesia because although classified types of precious stones are expensive, but the stone is still much in demand. Kalimaya rock characteristics seen from the unique shape and high flavor.
Amethyst stone. Amethyst including types of precious stones are much in demand by the people of Indonesia, especially for women because this stone purple symbolizes a charming and elegance.Diva88bet Shop | Diamond Jewelry | Luxury | Designs Engagement Rings | Tiffany & Co | 2016

Women hairstyles were more extraordinary in ancient times

An archaeological team examining archaeological findings discovered ancient hairstyles. Reliefs found on rock tombs reveal the extravagant braided hairstyles of women living 2,400 years ago, which by today's standards might be considered strange. 
Professor Nevzat Çelik of Akdeniz University Archaeology Department said it is possible to understand the lifestyle of people living during this time by examining ancient buildings and artifacts found in Lycian tombs. Following a comprehensive study, the team found new information about Lycian lifestyles and social hierarchies.

Glamour charts the evolution of the bra over the past 500 years in 2 minutes | Daily Mail Online

Whether they were meant to flaunt your breasts - or hide them - the first bras date back to ancient times, and like most fashions, they reflect the social and economic changes of that era. 

Today women have the option of pushing-up, covering-up, and everything in between, and a new video created by Glamour charts the evolution of the bra over the past 500 years. 

Beginning with the constricting mamillare from the Roman Empire and ending with a hypothetical design meant for robots in 2100, the clip highlights the prominent styles and history of the bras that debuted in various eras.

Indigenous Women In Bolivia Use Ancient Knitting Skills To Weave Devices For Congenital Heart Disease

To help the growing number of children born with heart defects, indigenous Bolivian knitters are putting their age-old craft to a more modern use. The Aymara women, who have been knitting intricate and distinct hats, sweaters, and blankets for centuries, are now using their skill to produce an innovative medical product that can seal holes in a baby’s heart.

The device, called Nit-Occlud was developed by cardiologist Dr. Franz Freudenthal. After setting up a clinic in La Paz for children with heart defects, Freudenthal knew he must develop a simple, inexpensive solution to help treat more patients. The occluder, the device's more common name, looks like a top hat and can be inserted into the heart without surgery to help fix the problem.

2,500-year-old female Siberian warrior is beheaded by excavator

An ancient wealthy young woman was found laid to rest with her horse and weapons by workers who accidentally dug up her burial mound.  
The excavator smashed the prehistoric ceremonial burial chamber in the Altai Mountains, wrecking the grave of a suspected the grave of a suspected 16 to 20-year-old combatant from the colourful Pazyryk culture. 
Local culture heritage official Dr Vasily Oinoshev said: 'Only the human head and upper part of the horse remained intact in the burial ground. Unfortunately, the rest was destroyed by heavy machinery. 
'Apparently, this was a young woman, judging by the teeth. All of them are intact and in good condition. We attribute her to Pazyryk culture, and we have preliminarily dated the burial as being 2,500 years old.'

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